The Team

The WhiteBox approach encourages co-governance, a sustainable approach to environmental and social management of investments, development projects, and institutions.




Stephane Flynn Côté (B.A. University of King’s College, Economics)
Stephane started the Flynn Cote Brokerage House Inc., an “impact broker” devoted to partnership and sustainability in international development and investment. Stephane has worked as an Investor Relations Specialist on behalf of hedge funds, for the world’s largest hedge fund administrator, CITCO.


Marc Delorme (B.Com. McGill University, IT & Entrepreneurship)
Marc is a financial professional experienced in finance and retail banking combined with 10+ years in sales and customer service, in Canadian top tier banks.  Marc was part of WhiteBox’s early R&D in Haiti.





Jeffrey Yip (M.A. York University, Geography. B.Sc. McGill University, Architecture)
Jeffrey performed project co-ordination for a capacity-training program and curriculum for senior Indian government officers (in the best practices in infrastructural management, urban governance and the alignment of government, private and civil groups) and worked with a collaborative research initiative that was recipient of major funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (to study periphery-urbanization and emerging processes in infrastructure development).




Laurenzo Storelli (B.Sci. Concordia University, Engineering)
Lauren is an Interactive Engineer and Senior Front-End Developer with over ten years of experience. He is also the lead engineer at Orro Solutions Inc..


Ted Sczelecki (Humber College, Web Design and Maintenance)
Ted is a full stack developer wizard and outdoor enthusiast with nine years experience in increasingly senior roles at places like Dashboard and the Konrad Group.


Nathan Vexler (B.Sci. University of Waterloo, Engineering Systems Design
Nathan is the Service Lead of University of Waterloo’s Open Data service ( ), an open data service he advocated for as a student, that today he is the point person for. Nathan also work with Open Data Waterloo Region—an organization which spearheaded the first ever Go Open Data conference and successfully lobbied the region of Waterloo to release open data.




Oluseun Obikoya (B.A. Trent University, Business Administration. B. Sci. University of Ibadan, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution)
Oluseun worked as an accountant and investor relations specialist for large institutional investors and is a consummate entrepreneur passionate about geography and the environment.  Oluseun is the founder of Okuta Consulting that focuses on East Coast to West Africa b2b relations.




Tobin Ansong (B.Sci. Dalhousie University, Economics. M. Fin. Queen’s University. FRM, CAIA, DMS)
Tobin has worked as a Senior Treasury Analyst at Canada’s largest bank with over 5 years experience in market risk analysis. He is a Committee Member of GAARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals). 




Michaela de Beulieu Côté (Inter- Dec School, Design)
Michaela is a graphics designer extraordinaire that lives in Alberta.




Jory Goldstein (B.A. Hon. York University, Political Science/Mass Communications,)
Jory brings years of extensive project management and account management experience at some of the world’s leading mobile interconnection and fraud prevention service providers, coupled with being an actively engaged member of the world’s largest mobile industry associations (GSMSA, CDG).