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Data for Good! Predictive vs. Causal Analysis

Predictive vs. Causal Analysis – Unique Data Science Needs in the Social Sector Great meetup with the great crew from Data for Good: (Data Scientist and Devs doing GOOD) at┬á headquarters, Toronto. Heather Krause, PstatDatassist, Founder and CEO of Datassist gave a most excellent talk on some worthy methods and pitfalls to look out for […]

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Huffington Post: Impact Investing Would Improve Budgets and Lives

It’s confronting to consider that in a prosperous nation such as Australia, nearly three million people, including 730,000 children, live below the poverty line. Or that in a country which prides itself on its sporting prowess and outdoor lifestyle, about 11.2 million Australian adults — 64 percent — are overweight or obese. There are plenty […]

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Sustainable Social Infrastructure

  To have sustainable development you need to have the infrastructure to support it. All the stakeholders in a particular space or environment must act in tandem not only to avoid tragedy of the commons and social conflicts, but to build added value through partnership and alliances. The case studies and examples of the past […]

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