Partnership Dimension

Your voice has impact.

jacmel1 - 002Partnership Dimension:

What have been the lessons of the past? What have past development projects throughout the world as far as results and objectives met? If the case studies are scrutinized and experienced development experts listened to, we find that the partnership dimension is crucial to success.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding development, especially as globalization enters new technology frontiers and the “impact” is felt by more of earth’s inhabitants.  The partnership dimension hits at the heart of this controversy.

When various stakeholders are made partners in the development endeavor, bringing a social license to operate, projects and endeavors have a greater chance of succeeding.

When individuals and the greater community and society at large are consulted, enfranchisement is provided. This very fact alone provides a myriad of benefits of value creation, not the least is deal flow and project legitimacy, key for long term development projects with lives that can span decades.



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