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To have sustainable development you need to have the infrastructure to support it. All the stakeholders in a particular space or environment must act in tandem not only to avoid tragedy of the commons and social conflicts, but to build added value through partnership and alliances.

The case studies and examples of the past few decades of development point to what has been successful and what hasn’t been.

One of the key pieces of sustainable development infrastructure is trust and the partnership dimension. When stakeholders trust and work together in meaningful partnerships, projects and initiatives have a greater chance of success. In short, the most positive impact can be had.

Not only can funds be better allocated, but meaningful participation can bring long term continued collaborations on the local level, a key component of sustainable development.


“It is our experience that projects that do not have the engagement of a local entity fail, almost by definition.”


The CEO of Hewlett-Packard explained that “companies are functioning more like living organisms in an ecosystem of other organisms.  Corporations can no longer be self-sufficient.  They must be constructed around partnerships.


CEO of Merill Lynch oberserved: “For over a hundred years, Merril Lycnch never did anything that wasn’t strictly Merill Lynch. In the past three to five years, [we] have developed more joint ventures and partnerships that you could count.” (McAdoo 2001, P.40)

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