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About Us

     WhiteBox was created to tackle the challenges of monitoring the impact and risk of organizations, institutions, and projects, as well as of funds invested, donated, or budgeted. After talking to experts in diverse fields, our answer was a simple one: dialogue and listen to as many stakeholders in a given ecosystem as possible and foster partnership in the process. Combining a simple concept with web and mobile, we started an open dialogue platform to be an objective, 3rd party, impact and risk monitoring vehicle and a framework for co-governance. 



WhiteBox is partnered with IBM, to explore how AI (machine learning, cognitive analytics, chatbots) can help with critical environmental and social governance problems.


York University
WhiteBox is an industry startup partner with York University’s ADERSIM initiative.



Impact Investing

“Some estimate that the impact investment market could grow to $3 trillion. And as the more socially conscious millennial generation of entrepreneurs build impact-driven businesses, you can be sure the supply of impact investment opportunities will vastly expand.”


Is Social Impact Investing The Next Venture Capital? 9/20/2014

Sir Ronald Cohen and Matt Bannick


Community Engagement

Based on data from 261 companies, including 62 of the largest 100 companies in the Fortune 500, 2013 contributions totaled more than $25 billion in cash and in-kind giving. (Developed by CECP, in association with The Conference Board, Giving in Numbers: 2014 Edition)* Figures in USD.

Sustainable Investment

“Global sustainable investment grew to $21.4 trillion at the start of 2014. Up from $13.3 trillion at the same time two years earlier.”

(The second Global Sustainable Investment Review report published by the Global Sustainable Investment Association, February 26th, 2015 Joshua S Hill.)

By providing feedback in real time, WhiteBox allows stakeholders to participate and be accountable, while being an accessible tool to assess impact.

The WhiteBox platform brings best in class software and ICT being developed by the community with a team devoted to removing the bottlenecks to positive impact and sustainability.