Environmental Co-Management & Social Co-Governance


Through web and mobile, WhiteBox allows important social and environmental data to drive sustainable policy and strategy.



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WhiteBox leverages data science and machine learning to allow important social data to inform impact and risk metrics, sustainable strategy, and the effective allocation of funds.



Data for Good


The WhiteBox platform combines human intelligence with artificial intelligence to identify opportunities to have a positive impact and risks to be mitigated, fostering partnership.


“Typically, in a development venture, values and objectives differ sharply among participants and there is asymmetry of resources and capacities. This is why public consultations and participation are so crucial in the design and implementation of development projects and programs.”
Robert Klitgaard



Communitybased approaches to environmental assessment has provided an opportunity for a more collective and inclusive decision making process. This in turn enables an improved focus on relevant issues and a better response to stakeholders.”



” When a voice is heard, it can be included. “