Medical Application Prototyping & Development

Experienced in developing solutions for various stakeholders including medical societies, patients, physicians and policy-makers, Orro Solutions will maximize the impact of your digital media strategy. Each strategy involves the coordination of digital media platforms such as the web, iOS and Android to promote improved health outcomes and organizational values. Based on industry best practices and a continual dialogue, we build applications that are financially viable, technologically feasible and genuinely enjoyable to use.

Our experienced team will deliver stable, cutting edge experiences on budget and on time. We develop tailor-made, customer-centric digital solutions using a short-term iterative development process in order to achieve our client’s long-term vision. This allows stakeholders to stay involved and informed, while maximizing project and developmental flexibility.

Our area of expertise includes:

  • Patient support applications
  • Healthcare representative and medical professional training applications
  • Web-based communications platform for the public and private sector
  • and more